24/7 Emergency Response to Basement Flooding

No matter the hour, if you experience a flood in your basement, call us right away!


Well be there within the hour!

Well be bringing high tech equipment!

Well be using top of the line technology!

Well work with the best industry techniques!


Calling Fast Saves Money!

Water damage is progressive. This means that when there is flooding in your basement, the damage will not stop increasing and becoming more expensive until the moment you thoroughly extract all of the water and dry out all traces of moisture.

If you call us right away, we can guarantee that youll have satisfactory results.

We accept most insurance plans and bill your insurance directly.

Dont have flooding insurance?

Our rates are competitive! Save money by calling 888-979-7239 fast!

Our average response time is under an hour!

Our emergency crews are standing by!

We can reverse and repair over 90% of damages if you call fast!

A flooded basement looks like a huge obstacle when you wake up to it at 6 in the morning and see all of your treasured possessions floating by your feet. I just thought, How am I going to deal with this? How am I going to afford it? I made the right decision in calling the experts at 888-979-7239 because they turned a major obstacle into a simple hurdle, easily overcome. I havent once regretted my decision to hire them! – Mandy Wise

If you see flooding in your basement, dont panic!

Its a huge mess, a difficult challenge and certainly stressful, but…


Call 888-979-7239 Fast!

Well Arrive Within the Hour – 24/7!

Well Bill Your Insurance!

We Have Competitive Rates!

Wed just moved to the area and we didnt know who to call about the flooding in our basement after the seasons first hard storm. We knew we had to act fast, but didnt want to waste time with the wrong company, so we quickly looked for reviews online and decided to go with the best rated company in the area. The number was easy to remember (888-979-7239) and the experts showed up so quickly, I was really surprised. I was also grateful for the information they shared regarding how we could avoid similar circumstances in the future. They are just a great company and they know what theyre doing. I highly recommend them. – Eric Ross

Over time, water damage results in toxic mold, if not addressed right away.

This can make you, your family and your visitors seriously ill.

Asthma attacks, allergic reactions and respiratory distress can all arise from toxic mold!

In a very brief amount of time, water will destroy your foundation, your walls, your windows, your doors, your doorframes, you carpets, your hard floors, your plumbing and your appliances!

Even faster, the water will irreversibly damage furnishings, scrap books, photographs, antiques, and expensive book, comic book and unprotected card collections!

If you call immediately, we can stop or reverse 95% of your damages!

We can save your collections, antiques & treasures!

We can save your furniture, carpets, hard floors & appliances!

We can save property value and integrity of the homes structure!

Dont hesitate! Call 888-979-7239 Now!

Fast (1 Hour) Response & 24 Hour Service!

Basement Flooding is an Emergency and Must be Treated as Such!

Stop and Reverse the Damage Before it Grows Worse by Calling Right Away!

Serving many areas!

Other Services We Offer

Flooded Basement Cleanup, Water Extraction, Water Removal From Basement, Basement Drying, Sump Pump Failure Cleanup

Dont make Tinas Mistake:

I didnt think anyone would be open over Thanksgiving weekend, so when the flooding was discovered on Friday, I thought I might as well wait to call anyone until Monday. I got as much my stuff out of the basement as I could, to keep it from getting damaged, but what I didnt realize is that the moisture had already affected things and by the time I called in the experts, some of those things couldnt be repaired.
It was very disappointing and especially frustrating to discover that they were open the whole time and I could have called sooner! Still, they did a great job, repaired as much of the damage as they could, got the basement completely dried out and answered all of my questions about flood damage and preventing it. -Tina Larsen

Cleanup That Flooded Basement Before Mildew Sets In

A flooded basement is not what you want to find after a heavy rain or even a major flood. If you live in a low lying area, you may have a perpetual problem with this and you should have your basement wall evaluated in order to find the leak or leaks.

If you wake up one morning and find a basement full of standing water, you should not step into the water for fear that there might be an electrical connection somewhere underwater. That would be a very dangerous situation.

The best option for you to take is to call a professional water damage restoration company, as they will have the knowledge and the equipment to take out the water and restore your basement to its original condition.

You will probably be asked for you and your family to spend a few days with friends, relatives or at a local hotel, as even breathing flood waters can be dangerous. Flood water can contain dangerous materials such as raw sewage, fertilizers, pesticides, mold, bacteria, viruses, and petroleum products.

Once the water restoration company arrives, they will remove the standing water by using high speed pumps. The more quickly this can be done, the better as the elimination of the growth of mold and bacteria is important.

Once the water is removed, then the area must be thoroughly dried, and heavy-duty fans are the instruments of choice. This process can actually take a few days to get everything dry enough to take the next step.

Next, the entire area must be sanitized and cleaned. Any furniture, carpeting, padding, curtains, cushions, dry wall, and any other items that still hold water must be discarded, as it would be impossible to keep mold from growing in them. Even wall studs must be evaluated, because any mold that is left anywhere will be a real problem in a week to a month later. Growing mold can be a terrible health hazard as it kicks off spores that travel through the air and can get into the heating and air conditioning, causing respiratory problems.

Once the area is cleaned and sanitized, then you and your family will be able to move back into your home. Of course, it is possible for you to do all of this yourself, but you would have to rent equipment, and you would be very likely to miss totally getting rid of mold and other pathogens that are present in any flooded situation.

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